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    My name is Bill and the webmaster of this website livingstonparish.com
    I just switched my insurance over to Holly at A.P.C.
    The Reason Why?
    My homeowners insurance went from $1,359 to $1,980 with the company I had.
    Holly was able to save me some big bucks $$$. My new homeowners policy is now only $751.
    2nd Reason Why
    My car insurance for 3 cars was $1,575 every 6 months.
    Again I Holly saved me big bucks $$$. My new car insurance is now only $1,057.
    Health Insurance is now at a premium. The cost is lower if your weight and blood pressure is under control.
    These are just two things they check. I tell people to lose weight before they get their healthy insurance checkout.
    This can save you hundreds of dollars a month..

    Trey is saving me over $1,500 a year in insurance cost.

    This is why I'm putting her company on the front of my website with a link to this page.

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