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A new Calendar of Events has been added to this web site. I have set it up so anybody can add their events to the calendar. All I ask for is that events are for Livingston Parish only. To add an event you will go to the top left hand corner of the  calendar and click on Event then Add New Event. Fill out the Brief Description and then the Full Description. Then below that  put the Location of the event and the Date and Time. Then click Save in the lower left hand corner. Your event is now added to the Calendar. If you make a mistake and cannot correct it after you save it just fill out the event information all over again and save it again. I will be checking this Calendar on a regular basis and correcting any errors. If you need to contact me email me at .

Events Include:

Parades, Fairs, Festivals, Tournaments, Fishing Rodeos, Concerts, Benefits, Church Revivals, School Plays, Sport Tournaments and the list goes on.

Whatever is considered in the local papers as Events Coming Up, Special Announcements, Various Types of Classes, Community Activities, School or Church Going On's and whatever may fall in-between all this. You get the Picture.


Click Here to go to the New Calendar of Events

Add your events and help get it started. Thanks to all!


















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New-Calendar Of Events-Add Events-Help Get It Started
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