Detoxification and Weight Loss

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Detoxification is a way of ridding the body of toxins, which are harmful substances that accumulate in the body over time and may cause harm. This is a natural process which is on-going in our bodies, but can be induced by the individual too. These toxins may come from eating junk food, processed food or even natural foods bought from the market (they include flavour enhancers, preservatives, food colorings, pesticides, etc.) or may even be produced by normal activity as by-products (ammonia, lactic acid, homocysteine, etc.

Ways To Detox

Detoxification may include dieting; fasting; consuming selective foods, like fruits and vegetables, avoiding some foods like sugar, fats, processed foods, etc.; colon cleansing; chelating therapy, etc. A detox diet is often high in fiber and water, so that toxins are eliminated by increasing the frequency of bowel movement and urination. Some proponents claim this helps burn accumulated fat. It is highly recommended to consult your doctor before taking up any detox diet, and getting the diet plan approved so that: your body is not starved of a certain essential nutrient; side-effects and long-term damage to your body is prevented.

Juice fast, also called juice cleansing, is a detox diet and a form of fasting, in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetable juices for nutrition and completely avoids consumption of food for duration of either a few days or several weeks. This juice is unpasteurized and freshly-made, so a store-bought carton would not work. Juice fasters generally make their juices at home.

The benefits of detox diets include the following:

Weight loss and a trim physique is one of the most desired benefits of detox diet. This is due to the emphasis of healthier foods in your diet and removal of harmful ones.
It leads to fewer or lesser severe headaches because a responsible detox diet eliminates alcohol and caffeine, the major causes of dehydration.
Most people experience clearer skin and a more glowing complexion. This can be attributed to regular hydration.
Enhanced concentration and creativity are also reported. This is because of a head-body connection if the body is lighter and better, the head follows suit.
This diet gives a lot of energy and stamina, and that too, unlike a sugar drink that provides a temporary buzz. Healthier foods consumed in a detox diet leads to effective and efficient conversion of the same into energy. That combined with a fitness program increases endorphin levels which provides a peaking boost to the person.
One feels lesser tired and sick. Some allergies may go away forever. But if after the diet, you continue to feel nauseated, fatigued or prone to headaches, then maybe your plan is too rigid. Always, always consult a doctor before starting one of the detox diet plans.
Juice fast is known to have the following benefits:
An enhanced immune system.
Weight loss through loss of fat, not water is another desired effect.
The body has a lesser load of toxins to take care of.
Increased capacity of liver function.
Cravings for sugar and other stimulants are minimized.
More and more cells are cleaned and rebuilt.
Blood, tissues and organs are cleansed.
One emotionally feels cleansed and stress-free
A sense of elevation and lightness grows inside the individual.

Cleansing the Body

Cleansing products and probiotics are often used by people on and on going basis to keep their body in balance.