Motor Club Of America

This site is for the building of a team for the Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Walker, Watson,
Albany, Hammond, Ponchatoula, Mandeville, Madisonville, Louisiana area. If you are looking for a
home business we would love to help you build with us. Our goals are to have a team in the area that
has regular meetings. Long term goals is to have several meetings a month in different cities and towns.
Meetings can be done at many different places. First we all need to get our own teams and groups started
and then bring it all together with a monthly meeting.


Some Health Benefits MCA Provides

MCA, which stands for Motor Club Of America, offers a variety of products. Each product provides an excellent range of benefits for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Among other benefits, MCA Total Security Platinum offers a wide range of health benefits that include Emergency Benefits, Free Discount Card for Vision, Dental, and much more benefits. Below are the health benefits of MCA Total Security Platinum which costs $39.99 drafted each month from your credit card or bank account.

- Daily Hospital Benefit – MCA Total Security Platinum product offers daily Hospital cash benefits. In total, you will receive $54,750 Hospital cash benefits for up to 365 consecutive days since the first day you are hospitalized. You will receive $150 per day.

- Prescription Savings – You will have access to top-quality prescription medications with up to 50% in savings.

- Dental Discounts – Enjoy up to 20% to 40% on nearly all general dentists’ and specialists’ standard fees.

- Vision Care - MCA Total Security Platinum members will have Vision Care discounts up to 50% off the retail price for lenses, and 20% discounts on lenses.

- Hearing Care – You can have access to top-quality hearing care with pre-negotiated savings.

- Surgical Specialist Network – As a MCA Total Security Platinum member, you have access to leading surgical specialists with expertise in the latest technologies at pre-negotiated savings up to 50%.

- Physicians Network – You will have access to pre-negotiated prices at over 410,000 physicians with savings up to 30%.

- Imaging and MRI – You will have imaging and MRI facilities at pre-negotiated prices.

- Lab Testing Service - You will have access to top lab facilities of the country with up to 50% discounts on lab testing.

Health Care Assistance

One of the great health benefits of MCA is Health Care Assurance which allows you to have access to personalized attention from a patient advocate who will help you with medical bill questions and negotiations. As a member you can often receive significant reductions on medical bills without adverse effects on credit reports. You can get all the health benefits of MCA mentioned above by becoming a MCA Total Security Platinum member. You can Become An Associate and have access to all these health benefits of MCA.

Notice: Plans vary from state to state and from policy to policy. Information presented above was written by a 3rd party and may not be totally accurate. This page is a personal page and not sponsored by MCA or TVC. Before purchasing any plan all the benefits are on a declaration page that you can read and make sure that is what you want and need. Prices of plans start at $9.95 a month and go up to $39.99. This is not insurance on insurance policy. This is a motor club plan with extras added depending on the monthly price paid.


Home Business Opportunity Available
Reps Needed In Baton Rouge and Other Areas Of LA

Roadside Assistance - Lockout Service - Towing Service - Vision - Dental
Prescription Discounts - Emergency Room Benefits And More
Prices start at $9.95 a month!
FREE Website
$80 Commissions
Residual Income
Work From Home
Call Bill at 225.413.8928
I live in Albany LA - 5 minutes to Hammond and 15 to Walker, LA
Market Something That Everyone Needs!
Emergency Roadside Assistance

This is a real business and you really do make money.
I am an Independent Representative for MCA and make
commissions from placing ads like this. When someone
visits my website and
purchases a motor club plan I make a commission of as
much as $80 depending on the plan purchased.

Prices $9.95 to $39.99 Per Month Depending On Plan - I Am An Independent Representative of TVC MCA
This is a personal page advertisement and not a company sponsored advertisement.

These are motor club plans and not insurance. Read carefully all terms and conditions before joining.

Livingston Parish LA