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Land For Sale By New Wal-Mart In Watson, La
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GBRAR-Livingston Parish and Baton Rouge

Foreclosed Property Search- List of foreclosed properties you search by Government agency and Banks REO's

Baton Rouge Real Estate - CJ Brown Realtors
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Gulf South Real Estate-Search Gulf South area


Livingston Parish Land-acreage, lots and land

FSBO Baton Rouge-For sale by owners listings

Homes FSBO-Owners.comŽ-For sale by owners listings

Gulf South Latter & Blum-Local company where you can search listings for the Gulf South area

Resort Property Listings-Properties are on water or golf courses and usually luxury high end houses

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HUD CitySide - This link goes directly to the Louisiana properties. HomeSteps, A Freddie Mac Unit: Feature Search - You have to put Louisiana in the box
Fannie Mae REO Homes For Sale - - You have to select Louisiana
PASREO - Free Foreclosed Properties Search - You have to select Louisiana from a list
Free Foreclosure Listings From 3 Different Companies - 3 Free 7 day trials to all of the Foreclosures and Pre-foreclosures. A Pre-foreclosure is sort of like a foreclosure but the actual actions are not complete.
These are the Government programs that I am aware of. I don't think I missed any of them. Now for the Bank Foreclosures or commonly known as Real Estate Owned (REO)
The list is too long to put it here so I have another page with very many banks listed. Some of the links go directly to their inventory of REO homes. Some do not. Some you have to look on the page and find the link to the REO's. All it takes is finding that one diamond in the rough to make it all worth while.
I have another page on my web site where I have put together a very large list of government and bank foreclosures. This  Foreclosure List  contains all the property foreclosures that a paid list would have. The only disadvantage is you have to go to each government and bank web site to get the information and that can be very time consuming. If you have the time and patience to do this then Good Luck!  What I suggest is that you try what I just described. Now go to this web site and check out their free offer. The Realty Store goes thru all the government and bank sites and compiles all the information on a list by city and state. This is done on a daily basis so the information is up to date and complete. It is a really neat site with great graphics. Get their free 7 day offer. It does not cost you anything unless you do not cancel your subscripting on the 7th day. Truthfully it is worth paying for one month and then canceling. You should have found at least 1 house to buy. If your and investor and plan to buy more houses then I would just get a subscription. Most investors do not have time to go thru list after list after list. Their time is more important then that. So go to the Realty Store and at least check them out for 7 days. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Let me know how you did with the list by sending me an email at  . I hope that I have helped.
Bill Elsenrath
the web master and active real estate investor
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