Drink For Weight Loss
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Does this sound like you?

You have just realized that you can no longer fit into your favorite outfit, your friends have been commenting on the extra pounds, you can no longer trace the abs, or maybe you are diabetic and need to carefully watch your weight. Previous attempts at weight loss have proved fruitless, and you are probably unwilling to try something else. Let us delve into some of the ingredients that have proved effective for weight loss products in general. You want to reach for a high protein and/or high fiber drink to aid you with weight loss.

Effective Weight Loss Ingredients

Note: These ingredients are used in many different types of weight loss products. There are probably over 50 different products that contain one or all of the ingredients that are listed below.

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) -  Exists naturally in the body to help in the breakdown of carbohydrates and production of energy. It has other uses as an antioxidant and in the alleviation of diabetes; even HIV/AIDS. According to a research done in South Korea, and published in the American Medicine Journal, the group that took 1800 mg of oral ALA daily lost the most weight, with barely any side effects. Better still, ALA improves the control of blood sugar.

2. Chlorogenic Acid - This is a compound found in green coffee beans. It is effective for weight loss. It helps not only in loss of body weight, but also body fat. During a research in India, the people who took this compound lost an average of 17% in body weight and 10.5 % in body fat. Better still, it lowers obesity-related hormones.

3. Garcinia Cambogia - Another great weight loss ingredient. It contains HCA, hydroxycitrix acid. HCA increases your body's metabolism, helping you burn more fat. It also prevents further absorption of fat. Moreover, it increases the levels of Serotonin in your mind, the 'happy hormones'. Research shows that healthier food choices are made when you are happy. Eating healthy food helps one to start to crave for healthier food that burns faster. Garcinia also prevents cholesterol production by the liver.

The Drink For Weight Loss.

One of the greatest products when it comes to weight loss are high fiber and high protein drinks. They are mostly natural. Some of these drinks may help with burning fat and also reduces binge eating and increases your willpower when it comes to food.

It is very easy to take these protein drinks because most have a good taste. Just pour it into a bottle of water or milk and take it half an hour before any type of meal - whether breakfast, supper or lunch- or drink. Many of these drinks come as meal replacement drinks and include vitamins and minerals.

Weight Loss Motivation

As you undertake the journey of weight loss, it is important to stay motivated. One great way is via reading stories about people who have already succeeded. All you need to do is visit some of the pink drink websites and read real stories by people who have used that particular product.

All in all, you now know. Don't fall for programs, diets, and supplements that are so demanding and barely yield results. Choose a product that not only contains proven weight loss ingredients, but also one that is easy to use, with successful results. I found this Cleveland Health site to be a big help when I am looking up information on weight loss and other medical terms. Do your own research and get motivated to lose weight. Without positive motivation it is hard to lose weight no matter how much help you get.