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Free Listing

If you have a business with a web site in Livingston Parish and would like to be listed on this web site here is what I need.

Trade Links

1. You must put a link on your website going to this website.   Livingston Parish, Louisiana   Just copy and paste either one of those links to your  website. Real estate companies will usually put my site on their "Local Information Page".

2. When you have done that then email me and tell me what page on you would like to be listed on. Or you can just let me put you where I think would be the best place.

3. I will then email you or call you and let you know that I have added you to my website.


Paid Listing

Here are the options:

1. Link on the homepage to your website $120 per year. Best advertising value because you are on the homepage! Homepage links will give you better rankings in the search engines.

2. Regular link listing like or Livingston Parish, Louisiana  One time fee of $25

2. Bold listing with large print. or Livingston Parish, Louisiana  One time fee of $50

3. Your logo with a link.  One time fee of $50

4. Banner listing.  Homepage and one other page is $50 a month. All other pages are a $100 per year.

5. I can do whatever you would like for a listing and work with you as far as the pricing. I am flexible and want your business and will do whatever is needed to get your business.

Web Site and Listing
You don't have a web site but need one?

Here is what I will do for a one time fee of $100

1. I will give you a fast loading easy viewing web page with two pictures.

2. Free hosting on my web site.

3. Register your company with Google, Yahoo and 7 other top search engines.

3. Link to your web page with a bold listing or your logo if you already have one.

Banner Ads
Place an Add Like the One Below - $150 Per Month-1 Space Available - email
Your Ad will be placed on 2 more pages of your choice - 200 to 300 Views a Day or More!
Links On The Homepage to Your Business Site - $120 Per Year
Place an Ad on this Web Site Like the Ones Below - $50 Per Month - email
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